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Do Airsoft Guns make Noise? – A Quick Explanation

If you’re just starting out, asking a question like “Do airsoft guns make noise” is not unusal. Maybe you want to practice with your gun indoors, and don’t want disturbing others. Whatever the case may be, here’s the answer.

Are airsoft guns loud?

Usually, most airsoft guns are not loud. This is because airsoft guns, as the name suggest, simply use air to propel the BB, hence there is no explosive reaction like with a real bullet.

That being said, there are 3 main type of airsoft guns, AEGs, Spring Guns, and Gas/Co2 Guns. Each of these guns produces a different sound when firing. For instance, an AEG (Automatic Electric Gun) has a motor that spins 3 cogs in the gearbox that pull back the piston on to the spring. After it’s released, the piston will fly forward and the air it just compressed will propel the BB through the barrel.

Due to the different sounds and noise levels, a breakdown by gun type is better.

How loud is an airsoft gun?

Now we will give you a full breakdown of what you can expect with each type of weapon. 

Are Spring Airsoft Gun Loud?

Spring airsoft guns are usually either cheap beginner weapons, or solid airsoft shotguns and sniper rifles.

They are generally the quietest Airsoft guns around, especially some snipers which are made to be as quite as possible in order not to expose the marskman’s position. Another reason they are quieter is that the vast majority of them have less moving parts than AEGs or Gas guns.

Spring airsoft guns need to be cocked after each shot, which compresses the spring. Once you pull the trigger, the spring will push the piston forward, and the piston will compress air and propel the BB out of the barrel.

In conclusion, the noise an exact model will usually make depends on the power of the spring, and the materials used for the whole piston assembly.

Are Electric Airsoft Gun Loud?

In most cases, electric guns are a bit louder than spring airsoft guns. They have more moving parts and are in most cases more powerful than spring guns (excluding snipers). The noise they make is not very realistic, and the main sound you’ll hear is the cogs whining back the piston onto the spring. Once the piston is released, the spring will push it forward and proppel the BB. As the piston hits the gearbox shell on it’s way forward while firing the BB, you will hear a small thump sound.

The exact noise level will depend on the specific motor inside the weapon mode, as well as the quality of the 3 gear assembly that pulls back the piston. Here’s an animation for reference.

Are Gas/Co2 Airsoft Gun Loud?

Gas operated airsoft guns are the loudest of the 3. In terms of the inner workings, they are pretty simple, and fire BBs by releasing a short burst of gas from a pressurized canister. The main noise with gas guns is created when the pressurized guns leaves the barrel.

On the other hand, it is important to note that not all gas types are equal. Co2 guns tend to be a bit louder than Green and Red Gas powered weapons.

The second variable is whether the weapon is blowback or non-blowback. Blowback gas pistols mimic the movement of a real pistol when firing, which means more moving parts and more noise as the slide rocks back when the BB is fired. On top of that, certain pistols have functioning hammers that will generate a bit of additional noise.

Non-blowback gas guns don’t produce any additional noise and ususally use less Gas, so they’re a better choice if you prefer quiter guns over more realistic ones.

Do airsoft guns have recoil?

The short answer is, some do, and some don’t. Here’s a quick breakdown.

AEG (Electric Guns): Some AEGs come with a built in recoil system, which mimics the recoil you would get with a real rifle. However, there is still much less of it compared to the real thing, and since you don’t want your bullets going all over the place, that’s a good thing.

AEGs without this system have close to no recoil at all.

Gas / Co2 Airsoft Guns: Gas-operated blowback airsoft guns usually have fairly realistic recoil, powered by the gas that shoots the bullet.

Gas guns which are not blowback usually have very little to no recoil, since the gun does not mimic the operation of a real gun.

Spring Airsoft Guns: Usually, the vast majority of spring airsoft guns have very little to absolutely no recoil.


We hope we managed to answer your questions, and if you’re just getting into Airsoft, we’d recommend taking a look at our Airsoft Beginner Guide.

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