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Best Bullpup Airsoft Guns

If you’re reading our article, then it’s almost certain the bullpup design already caught your eye. We will be giving a quick rundown of the basics of Bullpup Weapons, and listing the very best Airsoft Guns on the market..

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What are Bullpup Airsoft Guns?

Bullpup is a firearm configuration in which the firing mechanism and the magazine are located behind the trigger. This results in a better barrel length to overall weapon length ratio. In the world of real weapons, the longer barrel improves accuracy and range. In addition, this kind of configuration also saves weight and allows for better maneuverability.


So, what does a Bullpup design mean in the world of Airsoft?

Airsoft guns are different from real weapons. As a result, Airsoft guns in general do not get the same benefits from a longer barrel.

As to how much exactly Airsoft Guns gain from a longer inner barrel is actually sometimes a hotly debated issue in Airsoft circles, due to the lack of actual scientific data.

However, a fairly popular opinion is that Airsoft guns with longer barrels usually achieve slightly better accuracy and range than a comparable weapon with a reasonably shorter inner barrel. In general, things like the hop-up, piston size, and barrel quality also play a very significant role in determining a weapons’ range and accuracy. Therefore, making a direct comparison is fairly difficult.

To sum it up, most Airsoft Guns, such as the Steyr Aug, will usually be designed for solid range, power, and accuracy from the get-go. As a result, you are almost certain to get better results long-range compared to a very compact gun meant for CQB or close to mid-range.

With that out of the way, here are our top picks for the Bullpup Airsoft Guns on the market today. 

As usual, we will only include weapons we think are the very best in their price range.


Best Airsoft Bullpup for the field

Steyr Licensed AUG A1 by ASG (Evike Exclusive)

As you might have guessed, our first pick is based on the first widely-adopted bullpup design rifle, the Steyr AUG A1. This particular Airsoft AUG by ASG is fairly affordable and offers great power coupled with a sturdy design and quality build. As a result, it’s a great choice for beginner and “intermediate” players looking for a quality weapon at a reasonable price tag.

As with most top picks, this one is also fully licensed by the original firearms manufacturer, Steyr Mannlicher.

Features include:
– Realistic injection-molded polymer body
– Full-metal barrel assembly
– 1.5 x adjustable integrated optic
– Rated at ~ 380 FPS
– Integrated foldable vertical grip

One of the main selling points of this model, apart from quality and power, are the actual accessories that come with it. Since this is the A1 version, it already comes with an adjustable 1.5 x integrated optic, with backup iron sights on top of the scope. Additionally, it comes with an included vertical foldable grip for added stability when aiming down the scope.

As a result, this weapon is meant to serve as an automatic Airsoft rifle that can engage opponents both mid and longer-range. The AUG is not meant to replace sniper rifles, but is best suited to fill the gap between shorter-range SMGs, and scoped bolt-actions. Therefore, it’s a much friendlier alternative for less-experienced players looking to try out different play-styles. As mentioned in our Airsoft for Beginners article, Snipers are usually recommended for more seasoned players.

The manufacturers of this model, ASG, are fairly well-known in the industry and have a record of making solid, high-quality products. On top of that, they also offer a 9-month limited-warranty as of January 2021. So, you can probably be confident that this model won’t let you down during a game.

AUG A1 Tip: If your Airsoft field allows it, you can try out slightly heavier BBs, such as 0.23 or 0.25g, for improved accuracy.


Here are our conclusions

If you are looking for a high-quality weapon that’s ready for mid to long-range combat out of the box, the AUG A1 by ASG is a great choice. 

  • Great Power for mid to longer-range fields: ~ 380 FPS
  • High-quality injection-molded frame, full metal barrel assembly
  • 1.5x Optics included
  • Foldable vertical grip included
  • 9-month limited Warranty out of the box
  • No additional tactical rails included


Best Bullpup for CQC (Close-quarters)

FN Licensed P90 PDW by Tokyo Marui

As the name suggests, this is a model made by the legendary Airsoft manufacturer Tokyo Marui. Due to Airsoft regulations in Japan, their guns usually come in around 280 FPS. This makes them a great choice for CQC (Close-quarters combat). Despite the lower FPS, their guns are renowned for their range, accuracy, and superb build quality. Being pioneers of battery-powered Airsoft guns, it’s no wonder they’re one of the most respected companies on the market today.

Features include:
– High quality injection-molded
polymer receiver
– Fully Ambidextrous design
– Full-metal reinforced V6 Gearbox
– Rated at around 400 FPS
– Metal upper receiver assembly
and barrel

In spite of the seemingly lower power rating, this gun should be able to achieve an effective range of 175 feet when paired with the recommended battery and a well-tuned hop-up. This is corroborated by many players online, and sometimes it’s difficult to find anything but praise for the weapon. In other words, this weapon relies on its high-quality build and mechanism instead of pure power to achieve good results on the field. Similarly, a bullpup design allows for a longer inner barrel for improved accuracy while keeping the gun short and compact. On top of that, it also includes a realistic mock suppressor.

The lower power is also a plus for those looking to fight in indoor CQC arenas, as many don’t allow 350+ FPS weapons.

This model also offers great detail and a very realistic design. Another plus in case you care about aesthetics and realism and are looking to get into Milsim Airsoft. This is a result of the high-end manufacturing process used by Tokio Marui, as is also the case with many other Japanese products and brands.


Here are our conclusions

If you are looking for a well-built, reliable, and effective P90 that can achieve great range and can also be used in close-quarters combat, this is a weapon that won’t let you down.

  • Great range and accuracy while staying below CQC Airsoft arena limits
  • Superb quality and realistic detail
  • Mock suppressor included – longer inner barrel
  • 3 tactical rails for accessories already included
  • Compact design – great for CQC as well as mid-range engagements
  • No traditional iron-sights, optics must be purchased extra


Best Airsoft Bullpup all-rounder

FN Licensed FN2000 by Cybergun

Although not as well-known as the P90, this futuristic weapon is made by the same company, the Belgian FN Herstal. With a unique design and affordable price tag, this is a great weapon for both outdoor fields and indoor arenas. This model by Cybergun is fully licensed by the original manufacturer, so the Airsoft gun stays true to the original.

Features include:
– High-quality nylon polymer body
– Fully Ambidextrous design
– Full-metal reinforced Gearbox
– Rated at ~ 380 FPS and ~ 320 FPS
(2 versions available)
– Adjustable front and rear sights 

One of the things that makes this gun stand out is that it’s a great all-rounder. In other words, the compact bullpup design paired with a solid build-quality, gearbox, and power allows it to fit many play-styles. As mentioned above, the model comes in 2 versions. One with higher FPS for outdoor fields, and one that complies with the 350 FPS limit that many indoor arenas impose.

Both versions come with plenty of power, although we would definitely recommend the 400 FPS version if you won’t be playing close-quarters. With a metal flat top rail included, attaching a reflex sight should be very easy. Therefore, we would recommend getting one, as it would further help you stay on target with longer-range shots.

To sum it up, we would recommend it for any players looking to try out multiple play-styles. On top of that, in case you care about looks, the F2000 is a fairly rare sight on Airsoft fields and has a very unique, futuristic design.


Here are our conclusions

If you are looking for a unique, high-quality weapon with plenty of power that can fulfill multiple roles, the F2000 just might be the right gun for you.

  • Great power for longer-range and close-quarters
  • Realistic, high-quality nylon polymer body
  • Built-in metal flat top rail for optics
  • Compact bullpup design 
  • Battery already included
  • Can only use high-capacity mags 

Nick L.

Nick has been an outdoor enthusiast since he could walk. A passion which started with Camping and Hiking then led to an Airsoft and Woodball Phase. Nowadays, he does his best to share some of the things he has learned to help other Outdoor enthusiasts like himself!

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