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Best Airsoft UMP – Detailed Review and Buyer’s Guide

In case you’re looking for an underappreciated SMG for the field, the UMP just might be the right weapon for you. So, we are taking a look at the best Airsoft UMP models on the market today and laying out all the pros and cons. 

The H&K UMP was developed by Heckler & Koch, the same firearms company that created the still legendary MP5. Interestingly enough, it was actually meant to be a lighter and cheaper successor to the MP5, but ultimately the MP5 stayed in production due to a constant demand for the weapon. That being said, even though the H&K UMP never became as famous as the MP5, it still managed to get a solid foothold Worldwide and was considered a success.

In contrast to its predecessor, the weapon features a foldable stock as standard and also includes a bottom rail intended for a vertical fore-grip. As a result, this weapon excels in tight spaces and CQB.


Best Airsoft H&K UMP for Beginners

H&K UMP Competition Series AEG by Umarex

As with all our weapon reviews, we are starting with the more affordable model. The Competition Series UMP by Umarex is an excellent choice at a very reasonable price, with few sacrifices. The weapon packs as much punch as more expensive models, and also stays within the 350/400 FPS limits imposed by many indoor CQB Airsoft arenas. Furthermore, design-wise it also stays true to the original weapon and is fully licensed by Heckler & Koch.

Features include:
– Three front rails for accesories
– ABS Polymer build with
full Metal internal parts
– Foldable skeleton style stock
– Rated at ~ 330 FPS
– Full length top rail for optics
As mentioned earlier, some of the main strong points of the UMP are the easy customizability and compact, lightweight design. On top of that, the gun features a solid polymer build with reliable full-metal internals, meaning it shouldn’t let you down on the field. Likewise, the 330 FPS power rating is perfect for close to mid-range combat. So, unless you’re engaging someone armed with a sniper rifle at long range, you should be able to handle most engagements both on the field and in an Airsoft arena.


Lastly, this model already comes with a battery included, which is not the case for many Airsoft weapons these days. As a result, it’s field-ready out of the box, although getting a high-performance battery recommended in the manual will even further improve its performance.

Here are our conclusions

If you are on a search for an affordable, compact, and powerful gun that performs well on mid-range fields, you can’t go wrong with this one. 

  • Great Power for close to mid range combat: ~ 330 FPS
  • Sturdy ABS polymer build with full Metal internals
  • Very lightweight and compact
  • Top and bottom tactical rail for optics and grip + 2 side rails
  • Foldable skeleton style stock
  • Included hi-cap magazine not great, recommend ordering mid-cap


Best high-end Airsoft H&K UMP 

H&K UMP Elite Gen 2 Blowback AEG by Umarex

Made by the same company as our previous entry, this is a more premium model that offers a few more features and benefits. Even though the first entry featured a realistic design, this model takes it to a different level. For example, it comes with a built-in blowback action, meaning the weapon will simulate some recoil to mimic a real UMP. On top of that, it also includes a functioning mock charging bolt, which apart from realism, also allows for easy hop-up adjustment. As for the blowback action, it is already tuned and optimized to a sweet spot between realism and actual usability, meaning the recoil won’t have a noticeable effect on the accuracy.

Features include:
– Three front rails for accesories
– Nylon reinforced polymer with
full Metal v3 Gearbox
– Foldable skeleton style stock
– Rated at ~ 340 FPS
– Realistic blowback action
Apart from the realism improvements, another change is the nylon reinforced polymer construction, which results in an even sturdier build. Likewise, it also features an in-line MOSFET and two-round burst fire selector mode. To clarify, an in-line MOSFET is a transistor that can improve the reliability of the electric internals and lead to better performance in trigger response, and a higher full-auto rate of fire. Paired with a high-quality v3 metal gearbox, this results in even better reliability on the field.


On the other hand, the power of this model is very close to our first entry. This is because a higher FPS could mean it wouldn’t be allowed on some indoor fields where the limits range from 350 to 400 FPS. So, you most likely won’t be facing any problems getting into most arenas or fields.

Here are our conclusions

If you’re looking for something as realistic as possible, and want an even sturdier and even more reliable weapon with a few more features, the second entry on our list is a great choice. 

  • Great Power for close to mid range combat: ~ 340 FPS
  • Lightweight high-quality Nylon reinforced Polymer 
  • in-line MOSFET and v3 metal gearbox
  • Blowback action for added realism
  • Foldable skeleton style stock
  • Battery must be purchased separately


If you still haven’t found what you’re looking for, feel free to check out our Best Airsoft Guns under $200.

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