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Best Airsoft MP7 – Detailed Review and Buyer’s Guide

A lightweight and compact weapon with great firepower, the H&K MP7 makes a great Airsoft gun for CQB. We are taking a look at the best Airsoft MP7 models on the market today and reviewing all the pros and cons.

The MP7 was designed by Heckler & Koch, the famous firearms manufacturer known for weapons such as the MP5. It was designed to function as a compact, lightweight SMG that offered greater penetration against Kevlar body armor than previous 9mm and .45 ACP chambered weapons.

The MP7 is also a much younger weapon than the MP5 and UMP, and it also features an even more compact, almost pistol-like design. On top of that, it is very easy to customize for use in different types of environments and engagement situations. As a result, it’s one of the favorite picks with many special forces for close-quarter combat. These are precisely the qualities that make it a great weapon for indoor Airsoft arenas and Speedsoft.


Best Airsoft MP7 (Gas powered)

H&K Umarex MP7 Rapid Deployment by KWA

The Umarex MP7 Rapid Deployment by KWA offers great build quality, an extremely realistic design, and plenty of power at a reasonable price. This means you get the same features as with the real thing, including things like the foldable, flip-down vertical grip, and telescopic retractable stock. It is also fully licensed by the original manufacturer, Heckler & Kock, so it comes with all the proper stamps and markings as well.

Features include:

– Two front rails  for accessories
and one top rail for optics
– High strength polymer frame
– Telescopic retractable stock 
with rubber butt pad
– Rated at ~ 370 FPS
– Realistic blowback action

Being a gas blowback weapon, this model functions as close to the original as possible. Each time you squeeze the trigger the weapon will produce recoil, making it almost feel as though you are using the real thing. This specific model also offers a Full-Auto firing mode, which isn’t the case with many gas-powered Airsoft weapons. However, it is also important to note that the recoil is tuned and balanced out of the box, meaning it won’t severely impact your accuracy. Likewise, this MP7 shoots at 370 FPS, giving you enough firepower to engage opponents both at close and mid-range.

As mentioned in the beginning, this weapon shines in close quarters, which is why you’ll want to make use of the flip-down vertical grip and retractable stock. With the stock retracted, the length of the weapon is only 380mm (15 inches), which is the way to go if you’re in a very tight environment. On the other hand, if you’re engaging an opponent mid-range, simply extend the stock and butt pad for added stability and accuracy, and this Airsoft gun should keep up with rifles like the M4.

Another important thing to mention is the high-quality design and construction. The high strength polymer frame coupled with metal rails, flash hider, magazine, fire selector, slide release, iron sight, and retractable stock means this Airsoft gun is fairly shock-resistant, and shouldn’t break on you in the field. Lastly, the design is fully ambidextrous, so you shouldn’t face any issues if you’re left-handed.

Here are our conclusions

If you’re on a search for a realistic SMG and want a reliable, powerful weapon that won’t let you down on the field, the MP7 just might be the right choice. 

  • Great Power for close to mid-range engagements: ~ 370 FPS
  • Compact, very high-quality Polymer Frame
  • Realistic Gas blowback action
  • Flip-down foldable grip + retractable stock with butt pad
  • Very reliable and consistent full-auto mode
  • Extra magazines are a bit pricey


If you still haven’t found something you like, feel free to check out our Best Airsoft Guns under $200 or our Best Airsoft MP5 Reviews. 

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