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Best Airsoft MP5 – A detailed Review and Buyer’s Guide

In this article, we will be taking a look at the best Airsoft MP5 models on the market today. We will list all of their pros and cons, and only recommend those we deem are the very best.

Although not as well-known as the legendary AK-47, the MP5 is one of the most recognizable submachine guns in the world.

Developed by the German small arms manufacturer Heckler & Koch (H&K) around the 60s, the gun was quickly adopted into service by more than 40 countries worldwide. As a result, it is still one of the most widely used SMGs in the world, more than 50 years after its release. In other words, the guns’ simple and straightforward design make it an excellent choice for Close Quarters Combat (CQC). Therefore, it’s no wonder to see this SMG dominating the world of close-range Airsoft guns as well.


Best Airsoft MP5

The best all-rounder

Elite Force H&K Competition Kit MP5 AEG by Umarex 

The first item on our list is not just a gun, but a complete kit. It includes a fixed and a collapsible stock, along with 2 hi-cap magazines, making it ideal for many different gameplay scenarios. This is also one of the few close-quarter guns with a fire selector on both sides, making it more convenient for lefties. The whole kit is fully licensed by Hecker and Koch MP5 and includes original trademarks.

Features include:
  • Injection-molded polymer receiver and stock with a metal outer barrel
  • Ambidextrous HK-style firing mode selector switches (great for Lefties)
  • V2 Full Metal Gearbox
  • Rated at ~ 330 FPS
  • 2x Hi-Cap 200rd Magazines + 2 stocks included

Like in all our other gun reviews, we only include solid, durable weapons. Featuring a high-quality injection-molded polymer receiver and stock with a metal outer barrel, this gun is no exception. Paired with the full metal V2 Gearbox, it means this gun won’t let you down on the field even during heavy use. The two included stocks we mentioned are made to suit different gameplay scenarios, so you can pick and choose based on the situation you’re in. Due to the adjustable length, we would recommend using the collapsible stock for games in very tight spaces, whereas the fixed stock should be best suited for mid-range engagements.

Since the gun is rated at around 330 FPS, you should have no trouble engaging enemies accurately and effectively in both scenarios. It’s also important to note that a more powerful SMG could actually do more harm than good since many indoor airsoft fields have a 350 FPS limit.

Retailers recommend a 7.4v Small Type battery, wired with the “Small Tamiya” type connector. Since batteries are not usually included with weapons, picking up the kit + battery & charger pack should set you back just around $220. Due to the versatility of the kit and all the extras, this is the best MP5 deal under $300 in my opinion.

Here are our conclusions

If you are looking for a versatile gun that performs well in CQC and mid-range encounters as well, you can’t go wrong with this package. 

  • Great Power for CQC and mid-range: ~ 330 FPS
  • Reliable, high-quality V2 Full Metal Gearbox
  • 2x 200 Round Magazine
  • Collapsible and fixed stock included
  • High-quality build
  • No built-in rails for optics, grip, or laser


SD Version

H&K Competition MP5 SD AEG – Silenced by Umarex

This weapon isn’t all that much different from our last entry, but we’re including it for all of you who value tactical looks and want something along those lines.

This gun only comes with the collapsible stock but includes a built-in mock silencer, which is why it is called the MP5 SD6. These are the only 2 differences between the SD version and the regular Competition kit.

The build quality, the included magazines, the FPS and all other specifications and features of the previous gun remain unchanged.


Best Airsoft MP5 Secondary / Sidearm

H&K MP5K AEG by Umarex

The well-known MP5K is MP5’s little brother, or you could also call it the MP5 mini. The K at the end actually stands for “kurz”, meaning short in German. Due to its very compact dimensions, this model is ideal for anyone looking for a good sidearm AEG that won’t weigh you down, or a compact SMG AEG for indoor games in very tight spaces. It is especially suitable for snipers since they need something light and small to sling over the shoulder and forget about it until it’s needed. In addition to the small form factor, this gun also brings most of the regular MP5’s features, like the ambidextrous fire selector on both sides.

Features include:
  • Great Power for a CQB sidearm at ~300 FPS
  • Reliable, high-quality V3 Full Metal Gearbox
  • 200 Round Magazine
  • Ambidextrous fire selector
  • Metal upper receiver and barrel assembly

Apart from the shorter barrel and lack of stock, this gun retains most of the qualities of our previous entries. For example, it comes with a high-quality V3 metal gearbox, features a solid part-metal build and still hits at around 300 FPS. The MP5k also features some additional equipment and improvements, like the built-in foregrip and more metal parts than the regular MP5. Like its big brother, it is also fully licensed by H&K and includes the same hi-cap magazine that’ll keep you from reloading for a long time.

Retailers recommend a 9.6v Small Stick Type battery. Picking up the MP5k + battery & charger pack should set you back just around $280 at the time of writing. Since it is one of the best and most compact sidearm SMG AEGs out there, it is a price worth paying if you’re looking for a secondary in this price range. If this is out of your price range, then you can find some good airsoft guns under $200 in our other review.

Here are our conclusions

To sum it up, the MP5K will excel in short-range encounters with the enemy, especially if they only expect you to have a pistol sidearm. Use this weapon for what it’s intended, and it will never let you down. 

  • Great Power for a CQC sidearm: ~ 300 FPS
  • Compact Design
  • 200 Round Magazine
  • Built-in foregrip
  • High-quality part-metal build
  • Less suitable for mid-range encounters 

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Nick has been an outdoor enthusiast since he could walk. A passion which started with Camping and Hiking then led to an Airsoft and Woodball Phase. Nowadays, he does his best to share some of the things he has learned to help other Outdoor enthusiasts like himself!

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