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Best Airsoft M9 Pistol – Detailed Review and Guide

If you’re looking for an Airsoft Pistol, chances are the Berreta M9 is one of the first things that come to mind. Here is our breakdown and review of the best Airsoft M9 Berettas on the market today. 

Developed by the Italian manufacturer Beretta, this gun quickly made its way to all corners of the world. Due to a combination of quality, cost, and design, it was even adopted by the U.S. Armed forces as their main service pistol. With all that said, it’s no wonder this weapon quickly won over enthusiasts became a handgun staple for decades to come.

As a result, the situation is no different on Airsoft fields, with many players opting for the M9 as their sidearm or backup.

Here are our top picks for the best Airsoft Beretta M9s on the market, starting with the more-affordable, beginner-friendly models. As usual, we will only recommend those we think are the best in their price range.


Best Airsoft Berreta M9 for Beginners (Gas)

  1. Tokyo Marui Clone M9 Gas Blowback Pistol by Matrix

The first model on our list is a great choice for players looking for a high-quality pistol with an affordable price tag. This model is offered in 2 variations, one with a polymer build, and one with a full-metal construction. In spite of the affordable price-tag, this gun stays true to the original and offers a realistic Blowback design. As a result, it’s about as close as you can get to the real thing with an Airsoft pistol. Also, this holds true for both the polymer and full-metal versions.

Features include:
– Reinforced polymer frame and assembly
or Full metal design (2 Versions available)
– Realistic Blowback design
– 26-round Magazine
– Rated at ~ 330 FPS
– Realistic Slide-locking when empty
Another positive aspect of this weapon is the well-balanced FPS. Sometimes, cheaper gas-powered airsoft pistols shoot “too hot”, meaning they are too powerful. This is not the case with this model.
With an FPS rating of 330 ~ 350, it passes most CQB Airsoft arena limits (usually 350 or 400). Therefore, this makes it a great secondary for close-quarters arenas, as well as open fields.
Coming back to the realism aspect, this model also features a slide lock mechanism when the magazine is empty, allowing for a quick drop of the empty mag and reload. Both the full-metal and polymer versions offer the same mechanism, and the build quality on both models is excellent at the price point. However, if you really care about aesthetics and realism, you might want to get the metal version to stay 100% true to the original. The same goes if you’re planning on playing in rougher conditions, as the metal version is inherently more resistant to shock.


Here are our conclusions

To sum it up, both the polymer and full-metal M9s by Matrix are a great buy for players looking for a high-quality, reliable secondary on a moderate budget.

  • Optimal power for indoor and outdoor use ~ 330 FPS
  • High-quality full-metal or polymer build
  • Solid mag capacity – 26+1 rounds
  • Functioning slide-mounted safety
  • Realistic Blowback design – stays true to the original
  • Safety switch sometimes a bit hard to press down


Best AEP Berreta M9 for Beginners (electric)

  1. Full Auto / Select Fire AEP M9 by CYMA

If you’re looking for a pistol for close-quarters and not a fan of topping up on gas and not interested in realism, an electric pistol might be the right choice. This electric model is manufactured by CYMA, one of the oldest and most experienced Airsoft companies on the market. As a result, this weapon offers a high-quality build with a metal slide and polymer frame that shouldn’t let you down on the field.

Features include:
– Metal slide with polymer frame
– Select fire – full auto/semi-auto
– 29-round Magazine
– Rated at ~ 200 FPS
– Reinforced metal gearbox

Although not as realistic as a gas blowback model, electric pistols have other upsides. Rated at ~200, this weapon can be a great choice for indoor arenas, where the full auto mode might be more useful than raw power. Another positive aspect is that you’ll never have to worry about buying and replacing gas. Lastly, this weapon also offers an adjustable hop-up, which is usually only available on higher-end gas weapons.  However, if you are looking for a secondary for open field games, we would suggest checking out the gas pistols on our list.

Furthermore, it’s important to mention that this weapon comes with a metal gearbox, which makes it much more reliable in the long-run compared to cheaper models.

Here are our conclusions

To sum it up, featuring a solid build quality and select-fire, this model is a great choice for everyone looking for an affordable CQB pistol. 

  • Adequate power for CQB with full auto ~ 200 FPS
  • Sturdy polymer frame, metal slide
  • Very lightweight and compact
  • Solid magazine capacity – 29 rounds
  • Select fire – full-auto / semi-auto
  • Not recommended for longer-range games due to lower FPS


Best high-end Airsoft Berreta M9

2. BLE BM9 by ICS Airsoft

ICS Airsoft is a well-known Airsoft brand trusted by both Airsoft veterans and retailers alike. So, in case you want to go straight to a more expensive, high-end model, the BM9 by ICS Airsoft is a great choice. Like most high-end pistols, this is a realistic, blowback design gas-powered pistol that stays true to the original. It also features advanced systems and higher-end features not found on even more expensive weapons, making it one of the best “bang for your buck” picks in this price range.

Features include:
– High-quality Metal slide and frame construction
– Realistic design
– REVO High-Performance Valve System
– Rated at ~ 310 FPS
– 3 dot Luminous Sights for low-light combat
With a rating of 310 FPS, this weapon should allow you to comfortably engage opponents at both mid and close range. Therefore, just like our first entry, this weapon comes in at an FPS sweet spot for both CQB and open field battles. Needless to say, as with all our top picks, this model also comes with a very high-quality build and reliable design.
That, however, is where the similarities end. That’s because this weapon includes features like the REVO High-Performance Valve System, which improves performance and gas output. On top of that, a 6.03mm inner barrel paired with an adjustable hop-up, which is usually not available on more affordable gas pistols, means your shots will be more accurate and likely to stay on target.
Another useful feature not found on even some more expensive models are the 3-dot Luminous sights. This makes it a great secondary for low-light situations, whether that’s in a dark indoor environment or in the evening on the field.

Here are our conclusions

In conclusion, the BM9 is a very high-quality pistol that leaves little to be desired. If you’re looking to skip straight to a more advanced weapon, this model is probably the best bang for your buck.  

  • Great power for mid and close range ~ 310 FPS
  • High-quality metal slide and frame construction
  • Adjustable hop-up
  • EVO High-Performance Valve System 
  • 3-dot Luminous Sights
  • Slightly lower magazine capacity – 20 rounds


If you’re also looking for a solid primary weapon, feel free to check out our Best Airsoft Guns under $200.

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