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Best Airsoft Guns under $200 – Detailed Review and Guide

By far the most popular price range for players with some experience in the game. All of the best Airsoft Guns under $200 listed here are chosen so that the full package with a separate baterry and charger stays under $200, as buying just the weapon won’t do you any good without anything to power it. If you are just starting, you can also consider taking a look at our Best Airsoft Guns for Beginners article, where we go over guns in the 50 to 150 price range.

As I said in the Guns for Beginners article, getting an AEG + battery under $150 is not worth it, in my opinion. That’s because all the assault rifles offered under that price range are either fully plastic or low power. This isn’t an issue until you eventually drop your gun onto a hard surface. Because of that, in this article, I will also only include sturdy metal build rifles with high fps.

Best AEG Airsoft Guns under $200

Usually the standard weapon in most airsoft games. Assault Rifles are generally suitable for most situations and encounters, from field games in the woods to indoor arenas. Keep in mind that with an assault rifle you may be outmatched at long range by a sniper, and with certain longer rifles, you will be at a disadvantage in CQC. (Close-Quarters Combat)

#1: CYMA Sport Full Metal M4 Carbine with RIS Handguard

If you are looking for something a bit shorter and more tactical, this is a better option than the previous gun. Since it has a RIS (Rail Integration System) handguard, you can attach optics on top and 3 additional attachments such as a flashlight or laser at the same time. That makes it more suitable for indoor environments, especially since it also features an adjustable stock that makes the gun a whole 30% shorter than the M16 we mentioned before.

Features include:
  • Tactical design – adjustable stock and 4 sided rail handguard
  • Quality build, Aluminum receiver, and barrel assembly
  • Reinforced V2 Metal Gearbox
  • Rated at 400 FPS
  • Hi-Cap 250rd Magazine

An aluminum alloy receiver and barrel assembly, coupled with a v2 full metal gearbox mean this gun will be very reliable on the field. With 400 FPS, you will have no issues taking on opponents at long-range with this M4. Even though this M4 barrel is a bit shorter than the M16 barrel, the accuracy and range should not differ much, as both guns are of the same quality and have the same power. Another thing worth mentioning is that it features adjustable and removable front and rear flip-up sights, which can be useful if you are planning on using optics. Like with the second entry, retailers recommend a 9.6 V battery, which at the current price puts the gun + battery and charger at around $195. As mentioned, prices are sometimes subject to change, so if the bundle is now over $200, please let us know.

Here are our conclusions

If you just want a powerful, well made and realistic assault rifle without too many bells and whistles, this is a package you can’t go wrong with.

  • Great Power: average 400 FPS
  • Reliable quality V2 Metal Gearbox
  • 250 Round Magazine
  • Integrated Rail for Optics under carry handle
  • Adjustable sights

If I have to think of something…

  • No side rails for laser and flashlight (less important)

#2: JG AK RIS Full Metal Airsoft Rifle

Just like the other 2 entries in this section, the gun this is based on needs no introduction. It is the most widely used assault rifle on the planet, after all. Just like real AKs are known for their solid build and reliability, this Airsoft AK promises to deliver the same experience, at a relatively low price.

Features include:
  • Full Metal construction
  • Polymer RIS handguard
  • Comes with a foldable, rubberized grip included
  • Rated at 400 FPS
  • Hi-Cap 450rd Magazine

If you are a fan of AK style rifles, this is most likely the best all-purpose example you’ll find under $200 (including the separate battery pack). At 875 mm long, it’s quite a bit shorter than the M16 mentioned below, making it a bit easier to handle in close range encounters. To complement that, it also comes with a rubberized grip included and has an integrated top rail for optics. In other words, you won’t need to spend as much on attachments, since you only need to get a sight to have a solid, “decked out” gun.

As with the other entries, we only include sturdy guns that feature at least a metal receiver and barrel assembly, and this one is no exception. This Airsoft AK sports a full metal construction with a polymer handguard and stock, paired with a Ver 3 full metal gearbox. With just around 400 FPS, you are getting the most of your gun on the field, since that’s about the limit most fields use anyway. To complement the FPS, it also has adjustable sights, which is useful if you’re shooting opponents at a  distance.

All in all, this is a gun that paired with the right battery, will not let you down on the field. The gun + battery should set you back around $200.

Here are our conclusions

If you are looking for a reliable, sturdy and powerful AK style gun for the field, this is our #1 pick. 

  • Great Power at 400 FPS
  • Solid Metal Construction and V3 Metal Gearbox
  • 450 Round Magazine included
  • Integrated Rail for Optics
  • Rubberized polymer grip included
  • Longer than the mentioned M4, slightly less suitable for indoor CQC

#3: CYMA M16A3 AEG Full Metal Airsoft Rifle

Based on one of the most well known guns in service with the US Military, this airsoft gun is an almost identical replica of the real thing. This is especially important if you will be taking part in MilSym games, where realism plays a big part in the overall experience.

Features include:
  • Authentic build
  • Sturdy build, metal receiver and barrel assembly
  • Reinforced V2 Metal Gearbox
  • Rated at 400 FPS
  • Hi-Cap 250rd Magazine

Paired with a good battery, the metal build and high-quality gearbox means you will have a powerful and reliable gun that’s capable of taking on even more expensive rifles on the field. The gun shoots 20g BBs at around 400 FPS, making it ideal for the field since most of them don’t even allower higher FPS for AEGs. The carry handle is removable and hides a 20 mm accessory rail beneath, which means you can attach some optics straight out of the box. If you prefer the iron sight, it’s also good to know that they are also adjustable. Because of the long barrel and high power, this gun is more than equipped to take on opponents both mid-range and long-range with solid accuracy. However, due to the mentioned long barrel, we would not recommend it for close quarter combat.

Most retailers recommend a 9.6 V battery, meaning that after purchasing the weapon and a battery + charger, you would still be around the $180 range, well below the $200 budget.

Here are our conclusions

If you just want a powerful, well made and realistic assault rifle without too many bells and whistles, this is a package you can’t go wrong with.

  • Great Power: average 400 FPS
  • Reliable quality V2 Metal Gearbox
  • 250 Round Magazine
  • Integrated Rail for Optics under carry handle
  • Adjustable sights

If I have to think of something…

  • No rails for laser, flashlight or grip (less important)


Best SMG Airsoft Guns under $200

If you’re looking for something best suited for arenas and indoor matches, a CQC weapon is the way to go. In addition to a shorter barrel, some CQC weapons offer foldable stocks as well, making them very compact and easy to handle in tight spaces. So, here are our top picks.

#1: Softair AKS74U Full Metal Airsoft AEG

A high-quality airsoft gun based on the AK-47’s little brother, this is the AKS-74U. The U stands for “shortened” in Russian. Even though it is classified as an assault rifle, not an SMG, this gun features a shorter barrel than the standard gun and also features a foldable stock. As a result, this gun is great for tight indoor spaces, but can also be used for longer range engagements when the stock is unfolded.

Features include:
  • Sturdy Metal receiver and outer barrel
  • Foldable Metal Stock
  • V3 Metal Gearbox
  • Rated at ~ 385 FPS
  • Hi-Cap >400rd Magazine

This weapon offers great value for money as it offers a full metal stock, receiver and outer barrel. In addition, it also offers genuine real wood furniture, meaning there are very few things that can break on it even in the worst scenario. On top of that, it comes with a pre-upgraded metal gearbox, which further adds to the long term reliability.

Rated at ~385 FPS, it has a range of around 100 ~ 120 feet and it is just barely below the standard 400 FPS limit most fields have. As a result, even if you went for a more expensive and powerful gun, you would still usually be capped at 400 FPS by the airsoft field. However, it is important to note that you should check if the field you will be playing at has a lower indoor Close Quarters FPS Limit, as some indoor arenas impose limits lower than 400 FPS for close-quarters engagements.

Here are our conclusions

Although officially still an assault rifle, this gun can serve as an SMG and an assault rifle at the same time.

  • Great Power: ~385 FPS
  • High-quality V3 Metal Gearbox
  • >400 Round Magazine
  • Foldable stock
  • Authentic metal construction and genuine wood furniture

If I have to think of something…

  • Included magazine is not very high-quality (less important)

#2: A&K NS15 Full Metal M4 CQB Stubby Killer

Even though you might not be very familiar with it, this is a shortened version of the gun we’re all familiar with, the M4. Due to the fact that it offers the same power as the full sized version, just in a much smaller package, it has been named the “Stubby Killer”. It’s purpose is obvious. Allow the player to traverse tight spaces with a high-powered gun, while still being able to engage opponents at longer range when neccessary. Therefore, it is a must have in this section.

Features include:
  • Full metal barrel assembly and receiver
  • CQB style handguard with integrated rails / RIS
  • V2 Full Metal Gearbox
  • Rated at ~360 FPS
  • Vertical Grip Included

This is a great weapon with very few drawbacks. Offering a solid metal construcion with an already included grip makes this gun ready for combat in both tight spaces and open fields out of the box. If you’re looking to add additional attachments like a red dot sight and laser, it also has you covered with the two side rails in the front and one optics rail on top. Like all the other guns on this list, it has a sturdy metal construction and a high-quality gearbox. Therefore, you shouldn’t be too worried about bumping it against something if you’re going to be fighting it out in a closed space. Likewise, the inner workings of the gun also shouldn’t give out on you in the field.

Apart from the mentioned quality specs, another important thing for all Airsoft weapons is FPS. Even though more is usually better, as already mentioned, a lot of fields have lower restrictions on CQC weapons. As a result, picking a gun with ~350 FPS should get you under the usual limits at most indoor fields. In other words, you don’t want a CQC weapon you can’t actually use inside. Similarly, going for a gun that is too weak will render it useless in mid and long range engagements.

Here are our conclusions

Similar to our last entry, this weapon offers great value as an all-rounder that should serve you well both inside and outside.

  • Great Power: ~360 FPS
  • High-quality V2 Full Metal Gearbox
  • Vertical Grip included 
  • Metal Construction
  • Integrated optics Rail and 2 side Rails

If I have to think of something…

  • Fairly low capacity “hi-cap” mag, only 200 BBs (less important)

Best Airsoft Spring Sniper Rifle under $200

In case you think that a sniper or recon role suits you best, this is the section for you. A lot of high power snipers are spring operated, and those are the ones we will be looking over right here. Snipers are designed to take out opponents from a long range, preferrably without giving away your position during the process. Therefore, it is important to choose a quality gun that will give you the edge you need.

#1: Snow Wolf US Army M24 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle

Based on the well-known M24 which has been in service with the US Military since 1988, in the right marksmans’s hands, this gun promises to take care of opponents from far away.

Features include:
  • Solid part metal build
  • Adjustable shoulder butt pad
  • High Quality – High power spring
  • Rated at ~ 450 FPS
  • Integrated Scope rail and Bipod mount

If you think you’re ready to try out your skills as a marksman at an affordable price, you won’t go wrong with this gun. Like all the guns on this list, it offers a high-quality build with a metal body, bolt, trigger, and barrel assembly, paired with hard polymer furniture and stock. As a result, it should serve you well even under heavy use, and due to the solid internal parts it’s a very accurate and powerful rifle, ready for the field out of the box without any additional upgrades. This specific model is available as a bundle with a scope, bipod, or both.

In addition, because of the high power, you can use heavier 0.25g BBs as well without compromising the range or FPS. Heavier BBs are loved by many because they tend to be more accurate, which is obviously extemely important for sniping.

Another important thing for recon players is mobility, which is why this gun saves weight by using hard polycarbonate for the stock and furniture. As a result, even though it does have some weight to it due to the part metal construction, it is not too heavy and you shouldn’t be having a hard time carrying it around when moving positions.

Here are our conclusions

In short, this is a reliable, accurate and powerful sniper rifle that won’t let you down on the field.

  • Great Power: >450 FPS
  • High-quality, part metal build
  • Built in Optics rail and Bipod mount
  • Adjustable butt pad
  • Light Hard polymer furniture and stock 
  • Sling mount can rattle (can be fixed with electrical tape)

Best Airsoft Spring Shotgun / Best Airsoft Pump Shotgun

If you love going straight into the action and enjoy fighting it out in tight spaces, a shotgun would probably fit you well. This is because shotguns are made to excel in short-mid range combat, and they should not be the first choice for very long range engagements.

#1: CYMA Sport Tactical M3 Super 90 Tri-Shot

Like all the guns on this list, this one is based on a well-known weapon, the Italian Benelli M3 Shotgun. With a very affordable price tag, this shotgun offers a great price-performance ratio.

Features include:
  • Full metal Receiver
  • Adjustable tactical stock
  • Fires three shot Bursts
  • Rated at ~ 300 FPS
  • Vertical Grip and optics rail included

This gun has all that’s needed to “clean up” on a small field. It comes with an adjustable stock, loads and fires a three shot bursts with each pump, and also features an included grip to help you get more shots down the range faster. On top of that, the well tuned fixed hop-up and the 300 FPS rating mean you will be getting some good range and accuracy with all 3 BBs, and you can also use BBs heavier than 0.20g without compromising the performance. This gun uses Shotgun Shell Magazines, which look a lot like the real thing and hold 30 BBs (10   3-round shots) each. Reloading the gun is easy and you also get 3 Shells instead of just one included with the gun.

Naturally, another important part is the actual reliability and build quality of the weapon. Since this gun offers a full metal receiver and quality internals, it should keep serving you reliably even under heavy use. On top of that, since it’s a spring loaded gun, it doesn’t rely on a battery or CO2, which just makes it an even more reliable primary weapon, or a great backup instead of a pistol.

Lastly, one of the most appealing features with this model compared to others on the market is that it’s easily customizable. As it already comes with a stock buffer tube and handguard and optics rail, adding custom parts is cheap and easy. Like we already mentioned, the grip is already included. So, if you’re satisfied with the included parts, all you would need to add to have a “decked out” gun would be a sight, such as a red dot.

Here are our conclusions

In short, this gun is ready to send players to the respawn zone out of the box.

  • Great Power for a Tri-Shot Shotgun: ~300 FPS
  • High-quality, mostly metal build
  • Adjustable stock and stock buffer tube for easy upgrades
  • Handguard rail with grip and optics rail included
  •  Accurate Tri-Shot system
  • Any pump action may be hard to use for very young, physically weaker players


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Nick has been an outdoor enthusiast since he could walk. A passion which started with Camping and Hiking then led to an Airsoft and Woodball Phase. Nowadays, he does his best to share some of the things he has learned to help other Outdoor enthusiasts like himself!

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