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Airsoft Rules – The Basics every beginner should know

Being a long-time Airsoft enthusiast I noticed a worrying trend online. Hundreds upon hundreds of Gun Reviews, but no article explaining the basic Airsoft Rules and Precautions every new player should know. This is my attempt at solving that issue once and for all.


Basic Rules in Airsoft

So, let us start off with the most important ones. The vast majority, if not all of the following are standard rules at every field/arena. 

  • Wear your full-face Mask and/or Eye Protection at all time on the Field!
  • If you are out of the game, or the game is paused, switch your gun to safety.
  • No aggressive physical contact with other players
  • Good Sportsmanship: Call out when you are hit, no one likes cheaters, Airsoft players are not exception.
  • If You think a player is cheating, call them out to a referee if they continue (sometimes an innocent player might not notice being hit once)
  • Do not blind fire without seeing your target
  • Do not damage the airsoft field/arena, unless specifically allowed by the owner.
  • Once hit, make sure to call it out loudly and make your way to the respawn zone.
  • If you are using a laser, do not point it at other players above their neck on purpose
  • Avoid foul language, especially if another player is arguing with you.
  • Referees have the final say
  • Most fields have FPS limits. 400 FPS is an usual limit for most weapons, not including snipers, but make sure to check the rules at your field before going to the game. 

Some fields or organized games may have special:

Airsoft Rules of Engagement

Basically, all that means is that in some places, there are a few rules saying when you are allowed to engage an opponent. So, for example, some fields may not allow you to spray down opponents if you flanked them, came in from their back and are standing very close (few feet) while they are turned the other way.  Again, these sort of rules are only present in a few places, so they are less common than the rules we previously mentioned. 

Those were the Basic Airsoft Rules, now here are some:

Recommendations you should follow

  • Wear closed-toe shoes, i.e. normal boots, sneakers etc. 
  • Bring enough ammo. Some new players think 200 BBs might be enough for their first day, and it most definitely is not.
  • Avoid shorts, short-sleeved shirts or very thin clothing in general. We would recommend going with a pair of Pants/Trousers or Jeans with at least a long-sleeved shirt.
  • Don’t skimp on a good face mask/eye protection. You only have 2 eyes, going with a very cheap option, low-quality option is not recommended. 
  • If the Game/s last longer, make sure to bring water and stay properly hydrated.
  • If you can, bring a sidearm and spare battery if your primary is electric. A sidearm can get you out of a sticky situation once you need to reload your primary, and a spare battery will make sure your primary keeps going till the end. 
  • Teamwork is key in bigger games. Going lone wolf might seem cool, but bigger games are always won by teamwork and coordination. 
  • Pick your engagements. Don’t engage a sniper at long range with an iron sight AEG. Engage your opponents on favourable terms, it will make your game a lot easier, and help you get that streak rolling. 
  • Make good use of cover! The only time you should be out of cover is when you are moving from one cover to another. Walking around the open will guarantee you a quick one-way ticket to the respawn zone. 
  • If playing in the woods, wear clothes that match your surroundings. Dark green shirts and pants will make you blend in better with the vegetation around you.


Last but not least:

Make sure your play style suits your weapon. If you have a shorter range SMG, get closer to your opponents before engaging, and if you have high power Airsoft Sniper, keep your distance at all cost, and pull back if your opponents push your position.

These are the most important Airsoft Rules and Beginner Tips I could think of. I hope they will help you get started in the Airsoft Community, I sure know it would’ve greatly helped me back in the day.

If you find my article helpful, keep an eye out on the Airsoft Section, new Tips and Guides are on the way.

Nick L.

Nick has been an outdoor enthusiast since he could walk. A passion which started with Camping and Hiking then led to an Airsoft and Woodball Phase. Nowadays, he does his best to share some of the things he has learned to help other Outdoor enthusiasts like himself!

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