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Is Airsoft a Sport and is it Fun?

Like with any other hobby or sport, it’s good to find out more about it before you actually start. This is especially true with Airsoft, since seeing all those experienced players battling it out on a real warzone-like scale might feel intimidating.

Fortunately, Airsoft is a very safe sport when practiced responsibly, and even most pros are welcoming to newcomers. That’s why we have collected and answered the most frequent questions many new players have. To save you some time, use the table of contents below to skip to the ones that interest you.

This article is being expanded constantly, and we will keep adding new answers as we receive enough requests for specific questions.

Is Airsoft a sport?

Like many other activities, Airsoft can be both a hobby or a sport.

Casual Games

For example, if you play Basketball at your local court with friends once a month, it’s more of a hobby than a competitive sport. So if you’re mainly having casual games in your backyard or your arena, it’s not a sport.

Airsoft Milsim?

In contrast, many Airsoft players who stay in the casual scene long enough turn to Milsim in the end. Milsim stands for Military Simulation, and at this point, it becomes more of a competitive sport. There are thousands of serious teams across the US, with tournaments and games held across the country. Sometimes, certain large international events even look like full-scale military operations, with armoured vehicles, tanks, and even helicopters deployed in the action. That being said, such events are still fairly uncommon.

Milsim Airsoft players usually try to use very realistic military gear, loadout, tactics and scenarios. The obvious exception is that instead of a real gun, they use an airsoft one.

Milsim operations or Milsim games are usually much longer and intense compared to the average airsoft game. They are played on large zones, which often include forests, fields or abandoned industrial complexes. As a result, navigation is a big part of the experience and firefights are rarer, but much larger when they do happen.

This can also be classified as RP, or LARP, which stands for live-action roleplay.

This type of Airsoft is usually something between a hobby and a sport since even though it’s not as casual as a backyard game, most people there are usually trying to have fun, rather than keep track of some score.


In contrast, Speedsoft is much more similar to fast-paced paintball than Milsim. It takes inspiration from Speedball, which is known as the faster-paced side of paintball.

This game is usually much more practical rather than realistic in almost every way. Players focus on ergonomic, compact guns and practical gear and load-outs with little interest for realism.

As mentioned, this type of Airsoft is very similar to paintball, which is often played as a serious tournament sport. As a result, games are played on small fields, and guns heavily focus on important factors like rate of fire and trigger response. Players also move around much faster and actively look for a fight, in contrast to the slower tactical approach used in Mislim. This often includes jumping, dashing from and to cover, rolling, sliding and shooting on the go.

This has grown into competitive tournaments of SpeedQB, with strict rules and regulations. Those who participate usually treat this is a serious sport, training and practicing regularly just like any other athlete.

Is Airsoft Fun?

In short, yes, for most people it is!

Due to the many different airsoft playing styles and game modes, most players can find one that suits them.

Some games like Milsim might not be as fast-paced as on Youtube, but they are still action-packed and most definitely fun. In addition, the intensity of actually playing is something you can’t get by just watching a video.

It’s also important to understand that videos you might see are usually cut to show the best bits and shots. So, don’t be thinking you will be shooting laser-accurate BBs at opponents across the field. The learning curve is just another thing that makes sure the game stays interesting and keeps you coming back for more.

Like with any other shooting sport, make sure to play responsibly, and follow the rules.


Nick L.

Nick has been an outdoor enthusiast since he could walk. A passion which started with Camping and Hiking then led to an Airsoft and Woodball Phase. Nowadays, he does his best to share some of the things he has learned to help other Outdoor enthusiasts like himself!

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